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IIT and IIM students support Anna’s campaign

IIT and IIM students support Anna’s campaign

The students and faculty of IITs Kanpur, Gandhinagar, Madras and Guwahati, IIMs Ahmedabad and Bangalore have launched an online petition in support of anti-corruption of Anna Hazare who is on hunger strike at Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi.

Already 1,322 students and faculty members have signed the petition seeking support to Anna’s fast by skipping one meal in the day as long as he continues with his fast.

The petition appeals to all citizens to join them and forego lunch and support Anna to strive for a corruption–free India.

The petition states, “Its an appeal that seeks to express solidarity with Anna Hazare who has decided to undertake a fast unto death unless the government agrees to enact a powerful law to rid India of the scourge of corruption.”

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