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Hillary wins Puerto Rico, but Obama closer to target

 Hillary wins Puerto Rico, but Obama closer to targetHillary Clinton won the Democratic nominating contest in Puerto Rico on Sunday, but still far away from the front-runner Barack Obama as he draws closer to clinching the party’s presidential nomination.

Clinton’s win in Puerto Rico, a territory where residents are not allowed to vote in the November election, gave her more fuel for her argument that she has won more popular votes and is the best Democrat to face Republican John McCain.

But the results pushed Obama closer to the magic number of 2,118 delegates needed to become the nominee, and the Illinois senator already has turned his attention to a general election fight with McCain.

Two contests on Tuesday in Montana and South Dakota, with 31 pledged delegates to the August nominating convention at stake, conclude the voting in the Democratic presidential race. Clinton had campaigned heavily in Puerto Rico, a Caribbean island with 55 delegates at stake on Sunday. Obama visited there for one day last week.

With a portion of the Puerto Rico delegates allocated, Obama is about 50 delegates short of clinching the nomination. He probably will still be short on Tuesday, but could reach the total quickly with the help of some of the approximately 180 uncommitted super delegates — party officials who can back any candidate. Obama picked up endorsements from at least two more super delegates on Sunday.

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