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Hi-Tech terrorists ready to strike India

Hi-Tech terrorist militants equipped with GPS systems, satellite phones, detailed maps, winter clothing and top-notch weaponr, who are well-trained and motivated for a head-on confrontation with armedsecurity forces are said to be ready to strike anywhere in India. They are grooved to come in droves.

The Army and Border Security Forces (BSF) have upped their antenna of red alert all along the Line of Control (LoC) to thwart the deadly designs of the hi-tech militants infiltrating across.

While the Indian Army has redeployed adequate forces to further strengthen the counter-infiltration grid along the 778-km LoC, home minister P Chidamabarm has directed BSF to maintain a high state of vigil along the International Border (IB) in Rajasthan and Punjab as well.

BSF expects that the hi-tech terrorists might access the points of ingress like the Chicken neck area, specifically Palanwala, Pargwal, Abdullian, Kanachak and Sawzian.

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