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Hate Monger Akbaruddin Enacts Health Drama

Hate Monger Akbaruddin enacts Health Drama

MIM MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi who sought to divide the country spreading hatred between Hindus and Muslims with his highly vitriolic and deplorable speech, today enacted health drama to escape arrest. Akbar who flew to Lodon to Holiday in the hope of communal violence erputing across state never dreamt that things would take different turn thanks to national media.

Now he cited health reasons and pointed out that he is unwell and that was the reason he flew to London.He sent two lawyers to represent him to Nirmal. They asked the police to give time for four days to the MLA on health grounds. Akbaruddin even iled a quash petition in the high court, requesting for dismissal of all the cases filed against him in different police stations. He claimed media twisted facts of his speech and many are conspiring against him and pointed out that things were normal in the state till media pulled his videos.

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