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Government Badnaam Huee, UPA Tereliye

Government Badnaam Huee, UPA Tereliye

The United Progressive Alliance version 2 has too many problems. 2G is its biggest headache. Commonwealth Games corruption to Adarsh brastachaar, there is no stopping to UPA’s unlimited issues.

Price rise is always going up in UPa – 2. The winter session of parliament wasted because of tussle between the government and opposition on JPC over the 2G spectrum scam.

25 years old Bofors resurfaced again to the chagrin of UPA-2. Telangana statehood issue and Jagan factor is like the devil and deep sea for Congress.

Above all black money stashed in foreign banks especially in Swiss banks is the latest to add to UPA-2 woes.

If the government reveals the names of those account holders in foreign banks, some of names definitely will be from UPA partners.

The government cannot sit idle on the black money issue as the Supreme Court is showing some sort of activism.

There is fresh row of selection of Central Vigilance Commissioner P J Thomas. The government tried to hoodwink the apex Court with misleading facts.

Like life goes on… scams, corruption goes on in UPA -2 which is very insensitive to aam admi by bringing tears with onions.

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