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GHMC to Act Against Erring Standing Council

GHMC to Act Against Erring Standing Council

Hyderabad, Oct 9 (INN): GHMC Mayor Mohammed Majid Hussain said that the GHMC would be reporting to Bar Council to take action against the Standing Council whose cases are pending since long time.

The Mayor held a review meeting on Advertisement wing of GHMC along with Deputy Mayor G Rajkumar and Floor Leaders. The Mayor directed D. Jayaraj Kennedy, Additional Commissioner (Advertisement) to furnish the case wise details which are pending since long time before 18th October 2013. He further informed that the pending cases will be thoroughly studied by the Corporators who are advocates by profession before writing a letter to the Bar Council.

Majid Hussain directed the Additional Commissioner (Advertisement) to issue a notice to all the advertising agencies (who are in position of bus shelters) by giving a period of one month for proper maintenance of bus shelters to the “International Standards” as per their agreement. He has pointed out that the bus shelters are not properly been maintained and stated that the agencies are not displaying the bus routes, not maintaining seating arrangements, flooring, lighting etc. He further stated that he, along with Floor Leaders, will be inspecting the bus shelters after notice period and if found the bus shelters are not up to the International standards GHMC will initiate stern action against the agencies concerned by duly cancelling the contracts without giving prior notice to them.

The Mayor reminded the officials that the Corporation has unanimously resolved to re-erect the bus shelters which are removed due to road widening and display the route numbers of the busses on the bus shelter for the convenience of the passengers. He has enquired about the reason for non existence of bus shelters in large number in old City when compare to that of new city. The officials has informed the Mayor that they are facing opposition for erection of new bus shelters. Responding to that, the Mayor promised that all the Corporators of various parties will be convinced by their respective Floor Leaders for setting up new bus shelters.

Majid Hussain further directed the managements of Advertisement hoardings to display the AIN (Advertisement Index Number), Lit or Non-lit hoarding and size of the hoarding which is mandatory. He has directed the officials concerned to give a notice to all the advertising agencies to fulfill the above mandatory items within a month’s time failing which the concerned Engineers and Inspectors will held responsible.

The Mayor said that there is every need to strengthen the advertisement wing of GHMC as the present staff are not in a position to cope up with the activities to be taken up for the improvement of the revenue pertaining to Advertisement wing of GHMC. In this context he directed the Additional Commissioner (Advertisement) whether any requisitions have been made to the Commissioner earlier for increase of the staff, if any he directed to furnish the details so that the Mayor can peruse with the Commissioner to strengthen the existing staff of Advertisement wing.

Floor Leaders Singireddy Srinivas Reddy (TDP), Diddi Ram Babu (Congress), Bangari Prakash (BJP) and Mohammed Nazeeruddin (MIM) and senior officials from Advertisement wing participated in the meeting.

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