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GHMC Promises more Facilities for Senior Citizens

GHMC Promises more Facilities for Senior Citizens

Hyderabad, Oct 1 (INN): GHMC Mayor Mohammed Majid Hussain said that Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation is the only Corporation in the country who is taking keen interest for the well being of the senior citizens who have crossed more than 60 years.

He said that the GHMC has opened Day Care Centres in various Residential Welfare Associations under the Aasara scheme and has allotted Rs. 6 crores in the budgetary provisions. The Aasara scheme was introduced in the year 2007 and year by year GHMC is taking lot of initiatives to improve the facilities and welfare of the senior citizens.

The Mayor welcomed the senior citizens and wish them World Elders Day Celebrations conducted by AASARA of GHMC and requested them to give their suggestions / innovative schemes so that GHMC will come forward to implement and to take up such issues for well being of the Senior Citizens.

While addressing the gathering, GHMC Commissioner MT Krishna Babu said that everyone should come forward to take care of elders as we are take care of our own kids and one should positively think in giving respect to elders in every aspect as they have seen the world more than us. He also said that every need is there to improve the culture and the attitude of the people in giving a free hand to help the elders.

The Commissioner has informed that GHMC has formed 176 associations and opened 79 Day Care Centres which are already functioning in the existing community halls duly providing them with recreation facilities like cycling, carom boards, for relaxation doing exercises physiotherapy etc. The Commissioner further stated that recently he had a meeting with the City Grandhalaya Samstha in improving the existing city libraries, GHMC is paying 8% of its property tax towards library cess, which will be around Rs. 60 crores and GHMC has every right to have the benefits of services of Grandalaya Samstha with which the GHMC can further strengthen the existing Day Care Centres by providing them with required books and transforming them as book depot centres / newspapers for the convenience of the senior citizens.

Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anurag Sharma said that it is the very good concept taken up by GHMC for the senior citizens and said that hear after the Police Department will also join hands with the GHMC in developing the Aasara scheme for the benefit of the senior citizens and further stated a circular has already been issued to all the police stations to take special care for senior citizens and opined that he will be holding meeting with the officials of the police department and soon a separate cell will be opened at the Control room for senior citizens for their well being.

The Police Commissioner said that senior citizens must take care of their hard end money after their retirement and not to believe anybody for excess interest or keeping in business and requested them to invest in Nationalized banks where they are giving more percentage for the senior citizens.

Andhra Bank Deputy General Manager Naga Raja Rao said that most of the bank have already giving preference to the senior citizens and taking proper care for convenience at the counter and also requested the senior citizens to come forward to invest their hard end money in Nationalised bank for their safety.

E-Seva Director MM Naik said that there are almost 56 E-seva Centres in the entire GHMC and they are also taking due care for the senior citizens opening separate counters for the convenience of the senior citizens.

RM Mittal, Senior Citizens and Member of Senior Citizen Federation has praised the GHMC Aasara wing for their active participation and coordinating with the senior citizens associations taking up lot of initiatives etc.

Earlier the senior citizens have participated in the cultural programme duly singing, dancing and performing play lets at the stage and all the senior citizens have enjoyed the cultural event and thanked the senior citizens associations for arranging such a beautiful programme on World Elders Day Celebrations.

V Gopal Rao, Vice President, Aasara welcomed the distinguished guests and requested the H.W.Mayor and Commissioner, GHMC that the Aasara activities are not up to the expectations in Circle -11 and requested them to issue necessary instructions to all the Deputy Commissioners for their active participation and active coordination with the Aasara members for developing the Aasara activities in every Circle of GHMC.

Later, the Mayor, Krishna Babu and Anurag Sharma released the stickers and brochures and books pertaining to Aasara activities.

D. Jayaraj Kennedy, Additional Commissioner (UCD), Shashi Kirana Chary, Project Director, (UCD), Vijaya Raju, Deputy Commissioner, Circle-18, Mamata Bhai, Project Director, Aasara and Aasara executive committee members have participated in the programme.

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