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Gandra asks Naidu to Apologise for Criticising Sonia

Gandra asks Naidu to Apologise for Criticising Sonia

Hyderabad, Oct 10 (INN): Government Chief Whip Gandra Venkataramana Reddy on Thursday demanded that TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu tender an unconditional apology for allegedly making derogatory remarks against Congress president Sonia Gandhi.

Talking to reporters here, Gandra said that Naidu’s criticism on Sonia Gandhi on Telangana issue does not match his stature. He said that Naidu was trying to blame Sonia Gandhi and Congress party after he took a U-turn on Telangana issue. Stating that Naidu was in a confused state of mind, he demanded that he apologise for his comments against Sonia Gandhi.

Gandra said that Naidu had lost his face in the State. By supporting Telangana, he attracted wrath of Seemandhra people and by taking a U-turn later, he is being hated by people in Telangana region. With no place to hide, he went to Delhi to undertake a fast which is aimed at nothing, he alleged.

He also said that the Centre would only seek the opinion of State Legislative Assembly on Telangana and therefore, it would not matter even if Seemandhra MLAs vote against the statehood resolution. He said that Telangana is now a reality and nothing could prevent its formation. (INN)

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