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Gali Bros to split BJP in Karnataka?

Gali Bros to split BJP in Karnataka?

The Bharatiya Janata Party is concerned about the vice-like grip that the Reddy brothers, Janardhan and Karunakar, both ministers in the Karnataka government, have established over the party.

The Reddy brothers, whose controversial mining activities have given the Opposition a powerful handle to beat the BJP government with, have secured the allegiance of 30-40 MLAs who are determined to stick with them till the bitter end, and would not shirk from toppling the government if it came to that. The Reddy brother’s clout has seen BJP’s politics getting fused with the commercial interests of the mining lobby.

BJP’s resistance to the Opposition’s agitation against “illegal mining” is primarily driven by the fear of the revenge that the mining tycoons from Bellary would exact from the party if it tried to ditch them.

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