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For whose sake is the opposition uniting?

For whose sake is the opposition uniting?Now it is openly agreed truth that TDP alone can’t take on Congress in the state and all opposition parties, temporarily leaving their ideologies behind, have to make united fight to unseat YSR. CPI (M) already made some amendments to its earlier stand on separate Telengana and TDP which has been dillydallying on Telenagana issue may come out openly in support of separate state soon, as part of his sacrifice for oppositional unity KCR may agree to canvass along with Naidu and Raghavulu and may not go for hard bargain.

Whatever the these leaders say political pundits are of the view that all the three opposition leaders are facing crisis in their political life and if they can’t unit they would loose heavily.

As the much touted ‘’MEE KOSAM’’ ending up on a sorry note and attempts in Delhi giving drubbings to the party Naidu is heavily banking on forth coming ‘’MAHA KUTAMI’’. Ever since Mudigonda incident internal bickering in CPI (M) threatening the party in its traditional stronghold Khammam to overcome this Raghavulu has to find a new way to increase vote share. Having lost the image of sole protagonist of separate statehood fight KCR is struggling hard at the national level to prove his political maneuvering skills.

All this may change once Chiranjeevi makes his political arangretam.


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