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For T-state say “Telamgaana” not “Telangana”: numerologist

For T-state say "Telamgaana" not "Telangana": numerologist

Hyderabad-based numerology and vaastu research centre headed by Rachaa Suresh is appealing to T-enthusiasts to use the name “Telamgaana” instead of “Telangana” in their effort to support the separate Telangana state movement.

The numerologist says once people start using the name “Telamgaana”, the T-movement will intensify after December 31 ensuring a successful end.

According to Suresh, the name “Telangana” carries the number 28 which is influenced by the Sun. The internal numbers 8 and 20 are represented by Saturn and moon respectively. The negative combination of planetary influence makes the issue critical.

But, “Telamgaana” has the same pronunciation and is written the same way in Telugu. It also carries the name number 28 along with 9 and 19 internal numbers; 9 is represented by Mars and 19 by the Sun. This is the best combination and same as that of world’s top Internet search engine Google.

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