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Fees Deksha Success: YSRCP

Fees Deksha Success: YSRCP

Hyderabad, July 20 (INN): Terming the two-day fees poru deeksha of Party Honorary President YS Vijayamma as a total success, YSR Congress has demanded the State Government to restore the fees reimbursement scheme in the saturation method as introduced by YSR.

“The constant agitation by our leaders has kept the Government under check and the scheme is still continuing though with many strictures. Economic backwardness of a family should not be a hindrance to the higher education any student,” party spokesperson Gattu Ramachandra Rao told reporters here on Saturday.

The scheme is still in force, at least in its diluted form, only due to the agitations undertaken up by our Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy earlier and YS Vijayamma or else the State would have scrapped the scheme which is aimed at benefitting the weaker sections.

“We demand the State Government should remove all the strictures and implement the fees reimbursement scheme as it was originally introduced by YSR,” he said.

As the two-day fees poru was well received and there was good response from the students and parents, Congress has been unleashing false propaganda terming the deeksha as a failure, it is only to help corporate colleges and the government has no dues payable to the colleges.

The spark that led YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to undertake week-long Fees Deeksha in February 2011 was the suicide of a young student Varalakshmi whose family was unable to pay the fees and the college management refused to give her the hall ticket unless the fees is paid.

The State claiming that it has no dues is totally false. It has been trying to dilute the scheme by imposing many restrictions and grading the colleges. “If a student wants to study in a top rating college, which has a higher fees structure, the State has made it impossible for the student to get into the college as it has put a ceiling of Rs 35,000 on reimbursement.

This discrimination should end and economic backwardness should not stop the student to get into Colleges with higher ratings.

As we are fighting for the ideals of YSR, it is but natural for us to invoke YSR and if it is politically wrong why Congress is using Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi names, “he said.

The Party also demands the Government to settle the 108 employees issue who are on strike. Both Fees reimbursement and Aargyasri are the pet schemes of YSR who steered Congress to victory for the second term, he said.

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