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Does the Telugu desam have guts to expel D.K.Adikeshavulu?

Does the Telugu desam have guts to expel D.K.Adikeshavulu?D.K.Adikeshavulu is another Gali Janardhan reddy in Karnataka, unlike Gali brothers D.K. maintains low public profile and confines to active backdoor politics. His liquor empire is extended far beyond AP and South India; he is one of the closet persons to many present and former l chief ministers and the reigning deity Sai baba generously protects him, many say D.K. has donated huge stretches of land in and around Bangalore to Sai baba trust.

Two years back he was in news when Enadu carried banner item on YSR Idupulpaya estate, areal photos of the estate are taken from D.K ‘personnel charter flight. Sources close to D.K said he extended apologies to CM saying he didn’t know the flight was asked to take photos other he would not have allowed it.

Chandrababu may not dare to take action against D.K. at this juncture as the latter’ money power is very needed to Telugu desam to fight Omni potent YSR but D.K preferring to be expelled as he has already receiving feelers from Chiranjeevi camp.

He spends a lot of time hobnobbing with who is who of Indian politics and biz world.

People close to him rubbishing the media reports that he is fearing YSR may implicate his son in Chittore congress leader’s murder attempt case and damage his business, ‘’ the media news is face saving attempt by TDP leaders, all know , Jagan and D.K’ son Srinivas are close friends and biz partners and YSR has high regards for him’’.

Whenever there is need to take disciplinary action Political parties usually scapegoat the smaller elements and excuse with bigwigs and Chandrababu is no exception to that.

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