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D.K.A.Naidu back to parent party

D.K A.Naidu back to parent partyDespite tremendous pressure from his family members, particularly his son, to join Chiru bandwagon TDP former MP from Chittore has given green signal to come into Congress folds by agreeing to take reins of TTD.

In a late night development YSR appointed D.K. Adikesavulu Naidu to the TTD Chairman post in place of Karunakar reddy, a staunch loyalist of YSR, who is stepping down after completion of his tenure.

Political analysts are seeing this as a very strategic step as he has large number of followers in Chittore district and cash reserves to take care of elections needs of many people. A section of the media viewed YSR cajoled and coerced D.K to join Congress.

No doubt it is certainly a big disappointment for Chiru camp and bad news for Naidu who reluctantly suspended him from the party.

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