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Dattatreyya Condemns Hike in Petrol Prices


Hyderabad, Sept 1 (INN): BJP National Vice-President Bandaru Dattatreyya on Sunday condemned the hike in prices of diesel and petrol.

“The government has again hiked the price of diesel by 50 paise and petrol by Rs.2.35 paise when the Parliament session is on which is undemocratic, unconstitutional, devious and dictatorial,” Dattatreyya said in a statement. In the past three months, he said that the fuel price has been hiked six times and the total price increase per litre is (minus VAT) Rs. 9.17. “This is the strategy of the government thinking that they can deceive and fool the common man with their directive that the fuel companies can increase the fuel price a little at a time. The common man is not so innocent as to fall for this deception,” he said.

Dattatreyya said that the fuel price affects every commodity in the market. When the devaluating rupee is affecting the common man’s life as never before, wherein his survival itself has become a question in these times, this decision is completely wrong and unethical. The common man is furious with the government, if the government does not take appropriate steps to reduce the price of fuel and other necessities, they will perish in the wrath of the common man, he said.

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