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Cut-off marks controversy in IIT admissions

Prof V K Tewari of IIT Kharagpur, is due to appear on Thursday before the Central Information Commission to account for his failure to explain the basis on which he had arrived at subject-wise cutoff marks.

In response to an RTI application, the information officer of IIT Kharagpur first said that the cutoff formula was mean minus standard deviation for all the candidates who had appeared in the examination.

But when the figures that emerged from this formula turned out to be at variance with the cutoff marks that had actually been announced, IIT changed its response and said that the performance of only those who obtained at least one mark in each of the subjects had been taken into account. As it happened, even the second version of the formula did not yield the official cutoff marks, which were 37 in mathematics, 48 in physics and 55 in chemistry.

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