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Country to Hang on Hung Parliament?

Country to Hang on Hung Parliament?

General Elections are fast approaching and slowly heat is generating. While Cong is dillydallying on Rahul Gandhi’s PM candidature, BJP has so second thoughts with regards to Narendra Modi. Now in a poll conducted by Times Now and C Voter, predictions point out that no party or coalition will be able to gain power and should depended on fringe groups. Many feel that Country is going to hang on Hung Parliament.

According to predictions Cong tally will go down from 206 to 113 while UPA tally itself will come down to 128 from 227. However neither the BJP nor NDA is expected to gain much as NDA is going to get 184 from 152 while BJP predicted to get mere 141 with all Modi hype from 116. Other small parties are expected to play important roles.

In the midst of all this AP results threw a surprise. While many expected complete sweep by YSRCP and TRS, it showed the other way with resurgent TDP bagging 9 and TRS the same seats. Cong is touted to win 8 while YSRCP 12.

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