Congress masterstroke to Naidu

Congress masterstroke to Naidu

It is like adding insult to injury or rubbing salt into the wound. The Congress party Telangana MPs whose hunger strike resolved the issue of dropping cases filed against students participated in the Telangana agiation.

So far Telugu Desam Party is used to cite Congress leaders’ inability on several issues relating to Telangana agitation.

With Congress and TRS supporting the cause of students and others involved in the agitation, TDP has little to prove its genuine support for separate Telangana state.

Praja Rajyam, which is for united Andhra has no scope to involve in the movement. It is very difficult for TDP to gain mass support in Telangana despite its huge cadre.

In case Telangana is formed the opposition party position will be grabbed by the BJP as Telugu Desam Party is not working for separate statehood with positive approach.

Chandrababu Naidu’s two eye theory may backfire.

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