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Congress googly on Telangana – SRC?

Congress googly on Telangana – SRC?

Justice BN Srikrishna’s report will be submitted to the Centre on Thursday or Friday. What next is the Congress strategy?

Congress is known for its notoriety to handle sensitive issues. In December 2009, the UPA government said that they will initiate steps to form Telangana state but changed mind due to arm-twisting by influential leaders from Seemandhra.

Congress is well aware of Seemandhra leaders’ opposition to separate statehood. After submission of Srikrishna report, the UPA government may opt for second States Reorganization Committee citing demands for smaller states from different parties.

The Congress high command is aware of disunity among Telangana Congress leaders as far as mass resignations are concerned.

With Jagan posing threat to the very survival of the state government, Congress may take its stability factor into consideration.

The Congress may go for President Rule to put Telangana issue under wraps for some time. Whatever the Congress does will have impact in the next general elections.

Congress cannot hope to sweep elections like 2004 and 2009. Andhra Pradesh has contributed largest number of MPs to the Congress.

The Congress party cannot fight next elections successfully in Telangana with promise of separate statehood. It will be too late for the party to make people believe its intention.

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