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Congress Again Betrayed Telangana: Harish

Congress Again Betrayed Telangana: Harish

Hyderabad, July 12 (INN): Telangana Rashtra Samithi MLA T Harish Rao on Friday slammed the Congress party for its failure to take a decision on the Telangana issue.

Harish Rao described Friday’s meeting of Congress Core Committee as “another drama” which ended today. He said that the Congress party has been cheating the people of the region in the name of different committees. Pranab Mukherjee Committee, Rosaiah Committee, Srikrishna Committee and now the Core Committee have been used to delay the decision on the statehood issue.

“You can cheat the people once or twice and not get caught. However, the Congress party has crossed all the limits in dealing with Telangana issue. He alleged that the inability of Congress party to take a decision has forced hundreds of youth to suicide. He asked as to what the Congress party plans to gain by not taking a favourable decision on Telangana.

Harish Rao said that the Congress party has lost its credibility and its words could not be trusted. He said that the then Union Home Minister P Chidambaram has given an assurance on Telangana on the floor of the Lok Sabha and his successor Sushil Kumar Shinde too misled the people by assuring T-decision in one month. He said that the people would teach Congress party a fitting lesson in near future.

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