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Communal clash in Vijayawada intensifies

Communal clash in Vijayawada intensifies For the first time communal tension gripped the city of Vijayawada following clashes between two communities. The clashes continued for the second consecutive day on Wednesday.

The trouble started two days ago when a girl belonging to the minority community married a backward classes boy from the same area against the wishes of her family elders and members.. The couple took police help and sought protection after their marriage at a temple on the outskirts of the city.

However, the angry family members of the girl entered into a verbal duel with the kin of the boy late on Tuesday evening during which one of the girl’s relatives was injured. Enraged over this incident, a section of people from the minority community attacked the members of the boy’s family.

Since then clashes erupted and continued between the two communities. Many people including police personnel have been grievously injured.

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