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Committed to Good Governance: PM Modi

Committed to Good Governance: PM Modi

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi congratulated Amit Shah on his appointment as BJP Chief. He hoped that Amit can run the party effectively by taking inspiration from the party senior leaders.

“Rajnath Singh is captain and Amith is man of the match in the victory of 2014 elections. Without the efforts of Amit we may not get more number of seats in Uttar Pradesh, Modi praised.

While speaking to the gallery of BJP national council at Jawaharlal Stadium New Delhi, Modi extended thanks to the BJP workers, who helped in the victory of 2014 elections.

Modi mentioned that there is a lot to change the system. In 60 days, things have started moving; we will be successful in bringing about a change. We have mapped difficulties & will succeed in overcoming them. He urged all the party workers to cooperate in the expansion irrespective of their status. Prime Minister assured that equal opportunities will be provided to the entire party cadre.

“Many political analysts criticised me. They mentioned that Iam known only to Gujarat. But they understood what I am after my 60 days of administration. India’s politics are being watched by the whole world interestingly” Modi stated.

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