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CLMC Strongly Condemns the HC Judgment on Compensation to Victims

High Court

Hyderabad Sept 17 (INN): Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee (CLMC) strongly condemns the High Court judgment on compensation paid to the victims of police torture by the A.P. government. It is a matter of deep concern that the High Court did not apply its mind and did not even look keenly into the details of this case. in fact when the youth were illegally detained, Habeas Corpus was filed in this court itself. The court should have examined all the facts before delivering the judgment but it was announced in haste manner.

The court should have observed that the paying of compensation was not merely on the basis of acquittal or discharge from a criminal case but the compensation was paid by the government of A.P. because the youth were falsely implicated, illegally detained and tortured inhumanly in the name of their religion and they had spent long time in the jail without fault of theirs’. High Court should have taken this as suo motu because all the records of illegal detention are in the High Court itself. If at all the High Court would have seen the National Commission for Minorities report, then it would have not taken such stand. It is a matter of wonder that a judicial body of highest level without knowing the facts on this serious issue, has given such judgment. It is a big question mark on the High Court!

On the other side, this committee strongly slams the attitude of A.P. government of double standard because the A.P. government did not represent the matter in the court properly and seriously. Even it did not submit the report of National Commission for Minorities, and State Minority Commission report prepared by Advocate Ravichandra. It also did not submit explanation in the A.P. High Court that it has given compensation on the direction of National Commission for Minorities. National Commission for Minorities had directed the state government to pay the compensation and confidence building measures as well as action against the guilty police officers. But A.P. government, to protect their tainted police officers has dealt this matter at low level. If the government admits everything on record, then it would have faced many difficulties. Therefore, to protect itself, the government did not present all the reports and other details. The High Court as well did not issue the direction to the government to submit all the details relating to this case.

By going through the judgment of A.P. High Court one can understand how the courts are far from the ground realities and how unconcern they are towards the society especially the marginalized communities. This judgment also reflects the congress government attitude towards the Muslims; they are playing with the sentiments of Muslims and Congress will have to face its consequences as well.

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee demands the A.P. government to file a review petition immediately with all the facts, details, reports and documents as well as directions of National Commission for Minorities in the High Court. It should not try to protect the guilty police officers in the High Court. We demand the government to follow all the directions of NCM report as well as recommendations made by Advocate Ravichandra appointed by the State Minorities Commission of A.P. We appeal to the Chief Justice of A.P. High Court to take this case as a suo motu because it is not an ordinary case of acquittal or discharge from criminal case; it is a crime committed by the state against the Muslim community which comes under ‘Crimes Against Humanity’. High Court should take it seriously and provide justice to the Muslim youth in a dignified manner as well as protect their right to life with human dignity.

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee takes this matter seriously and will strive to fight for justice till its achievement, said Lateef Mohammed Khan Gen. Secretary.

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