Chiru is no NTR – Geetha Reddy

Chiru is no NTR – Geetha ReddyThis is perhaps the first time that anyone has criticized Chiranjeevi openly. Minister Geetha Reddy came out strongly against Chiranjeevi yesterday. She did not mince her words and said that all the hype and hoopla surrounding him was of no use in politics.

Geetha Reddy said that politics were not films. While Chiranjeevi may be a megastar and number one in Tollywood, he is a novice in politics. Chief Minister YS Rajashekar Reddy was the real megastar in politics and he will continue to remain so even after Chiranjeevi enters politics.

Geetha Reddy also said that Chiranjeevi was no NT Rama Rao and the present political situation is far different from what it was when NTR entered politics in 1982.

3 Responses to “Chiru is no NTR – Geetha Reddy”

  1. PRASAD says:

    Hello Madam,
    R u able to understand what your talking about Chiru. Be in your limits. Chiru have a stratagic polices and extra ordinary thinking power in his mind.You r saying that Chiru is belongs to KAPU but in the same way u r belongs to REDDY caste. Because of REDDY you are working in Congress????. Chiru will not looks for caste, He looks for serving to the people. Try to work along with Chiru to fulfil your life, Or plz keep quititing your mouth.

  2. hari says: