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Chiranjeevi takes pot shots at Jagan

Chiranjeevi takes pot shots at Jagan

Praja Rajyam Party chief Chiranjeevi during his tour of Kavali took potshots against political heirs who had made it good particularly against Kadapa MP YS Jaganmohan Reddy .

Chiranjeevi supported his party colleagues’ criticism that Jagan had misused the power of his father and he had share in ports, SEZs and every sector that yielded money. Of the panchabhutas (five elements), he had spared only air. He said it would be impossible even for big industrialists like the Ambanis to earn thousands of crores of rupees in five “If he had earned the money through legitimate means, let him explain how he did,” Chiru said.

“There is no need for PR to offer money or provide biryani packets to mobilise people for our yatras. They come voluntarily,” Chiranjeevi said, referring to Jagan’s Odarpu yatra.

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