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Chiranjeevi all set for his political plunge

Chiranjeevi all set for his political plunge Now that the astrologically inauspicious period comes to an end in a couple of days, there is intense activity in Chiranjeevi’s camp. All arrangements are being meticulously planned for the grand entry of the star into the political arena.

Chief advisors, Mitra of SPARC and KSR Murthy, a retired IAS officer, have been regularly meeting delegations from the entire state and advising the prospective party cadre on the future course of action.

Nagababu and Pawan Kalyan have also been conducting meetings and participating in the programme to enroll all eligible youth into the voters lists. They are also mobilizing the fan clubs and overseeing social welfare activities.

In the month of August, an official announcement will be made by Chiranjeevi himself at a massive public meeting. According to sources, the proposed party may not be just regional, but could be a national party with the party’s candidates contesting in the forthcoming elections from other states also.

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