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Chalo Hyderabad-Million March to be postponed?

Chalo Hyderabad-Million March to be postponed?

The TRS and T-JAC have given a call for Chalo Hyderabad on March 10, when 10 lakhs Telangana activists would descend on Hyderabad and paralyse the capital city.

The TRS president, K. Chandrasekhar Rao, on Sunday hinted that he was open to the idea of postponing the proposed Chalo Hyderabad-Million March after consulting the T-JAC as it is clashing with Inter, CBSE and ICSE exams. Many Telangana students will be affected by the T-protest.

However, a section of the Telangana groups supporting the cause of separate statehood want to go ahead with Million March. In case, the protest march is not postponed, the police are likely to ask all commercial eastablishments to close down to avoid untoward incidents. APSRTC and MMTS services may also be shut down.

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