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Center warns of more ISI backed terror acts

Center warns of more ISI backed terror actsThe Union Home Ministry has expressed more concern over ISI backed terror modules right from J&K down to Southern States where sleeper cells are being activated to carry out attack on specific targets.

A report warns that terror groups backed by Pakistan’s ISI could use chemical, biological, nuclear or radiological weapons against India initiating a form of “super terrorism”. The report has expressed concern for Southern States emerging as a larger base for the ISI game-plan as the agency is believed to be targeting the unemployed youth there.

The report claims that the ISI is trying to revive militancy in Punjab, even as it is making liasions with the underworld network in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

While the Indo-Nepal border in Bihar is being used for smuggling of arms, explosives, fake currency into the country, the Gujarat coastal line is being used for transporting arms and drug running operations.

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