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Buying season in politics

The future of UPA will be decided by 22 of this month in the parliament. It is learnt a lot of MPs want make their hay while the sun shines, particularly smaller parties. Showing the bogey of trust vote they are forwarding ambitious proposal to the Congress.

The JMM, RLD, TRS, JD(S) have two or three MPs each in the LokSabha, but they may decide the UPA Government’s fate when it takes a vote of confidence in Parliament on July 22. The Government needs 272 votes to win the floor test and it has 260 votes till now. Rests of the votes are expected from small parties and Independent MPs, and they are making the Government sweat. The small parties have presented a series of difficult demands and the Congress has no choice but to consider them.

If it is congress and BSP that are on the buying spree of MPs in the capital their rival BJP enacting the same drama in Karnataka to get required majority for the party in the assembly.

On the whole it is buying season in the Indian politics today.

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