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Bush warns Iran N-weapon programme

Bush warns Iran N-weapon programme US President George W Bush warned all options are open if diplomacy fails to get Tehran abandon its uranium-enrichment programme, because Iran’s nuclear programme as the single greatest international threat.
Bush’s remarks came at a time when EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana presented a new offer to Iran on ending the six-year standoff over its nuclear drive. Solana presented the offer during talks with Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki yesterday in Tehran.

The package drawn up by six world powers offers Tehran economic and trade incentives in a bid to resolve a crisis that has raised fears of regional conflict, pushed up oil prices and seen Iran hit by UN sanctions.

Bush said his goal was to win European backing for tougher economic sanctions on Iran and a united front was vital to deal with what he saw as the West’s single most pressing policy challenge, heading off the nuclear ambitions being nurtured in Tehran.

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