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Bomb threat to Taj Mahal

Bomb threat to Taj Mahal A mysterious call from Madurai inquiring about a bomb being planted at the Taj Mahal on Friday sent security personnel manning the monument of love into a tizzy. ADG (law and order) Brij Lal said heavy frisking was done and CISF personnel alerted following the call received by Kalyan Singh of Lightpura locality in Agra on his mobile phone.

“The caller asked Singh whether the bomb has been planted in the Taj after informing that he had done the same in Tamil Nadu,” Lal said. When Singh asked who the caller was, the latter disconnected saying that it appeared to be a wrong number.

Singh immediately informed the police and later it was found the call was made from a PCO in Madurai. The Tamil Nadu Police have also been informed, Lal said.

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