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Bobby Jindal may be Republican VP nominee

Bobby Jindal may be Republican VP nominee Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal will be spending the Memorial Day weekend at Republican presidential nominee John McCain’s ranch in Arizona. The invitation has lead to speculation that McCain may be considering Jindal as his vice president and there are reasons for it as well.

If Barak Obama’s rapid rise from a promising freshman senator to his party’s all-but-official Presidential candidate is a sign of a new generation taking over in the Democratic Party, Bobby Jindal represents the same for the Republicans.

.The advantages of having the Louisiana Governor on the McCain ticket are clear. To compete against Barack Obama and his message of change, 71-year-old McCain needs a young vice president and one who is committed to doing things differently.

At 36, this second-generation Indian-American Rhodes Scholar is America’s youngest governor in a southern state with a long history of racial discrimination. A Hindu by birth, Jindal converted to Roman Catholicism as a teenager. He is a fervent opponent of embryonic stem cell research and abortion and even favours teaching intelligent design in schools as an alternative to evolution. This could help win votes among evangelicals who have not yet warmed up to McCain because of his moderate views.

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