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BJP playing with religion again

BJP playing with religion againAs elections for some states fast approaching and national elections also not far away BJP is back to its usual tricks; spinning communal passions out using an administrative decision to further its self-interest at cost of national peace and harmony.

In the past it was controversial Rama janma Bhoomi that saw the party from single digit to ruling position now it wants to enact same drama in case of J&K government decisions to grant a tract of land to a temple trust in Kashmir. Though a couple of years back it attempted to arouse similar passions in Sethusamudaram issue it ended in damp squib as people were well aware of its cynical ploy.

In plain speaking there is no need for the BJP at this juncture to disrupt communal harmony as already political pundits prophesying its return to ruling following the ruling Congress party failure to check prices of essentials commodities and the much touted third front turning out to be a non-event. With out arousing communal passions BJP has fair chances of winning next elections.

Whatever the BJP say regarding its agitations and bandhs over tenuous religious issues the public can figure out what that party is up to and know that the BJP is tearing the secular fabric of the nation into pieces by unabashedly using the religion for electoral gains.

During its last tenure BJP maintained they would sort out the controversial Rama janma bhoomi issue with consensus then why don’t they crack Amaranth trust board in similar fashion rather taking streets and troubling the common folks.


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