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Bihar CM and BJP at logger-heads

Bihar CM and BJP at logger-heads

In an unambiguous snub to its coalition partner, an angry Bihar Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, on Saturday cancelled a dinner for the top brass of the BJP in disapproval of an advertisement featuring him with the Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, and another on Gujarat’s aid during the floods two years ago. The dinner he had planned for the BJP leaders attending the National Executive became a casualty in the midst of a vitiated atmosphere and BJP leaders also expressing their reluctance to attend the dinner.
There was bad blood between the two sides, which run a coalition government for the last nearly five years, after Nitish Kumar attacked those who released an advertisement featuring him with Modi, about whom he was always uncomfortable as a political ally.
The JD(U) leader, who has an eye on Muslim votes, has fashioned himself as a secular leader and in the past had avoided sharing any dais with Mr Modi in Bihar.

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