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Barack Obama just short of 70 delegates

Barack Obama just short of 70 delegatesBarack Obama was on Wednesday just short of 70 delegates to reach the magic figure of 2,026 needed to clinch the Democratic nomination after scoring an impressive win over Hillary Clinton in the Oregon primary. But Clinton won Kentucky’s primary by a large margin and vowed to fight on.
Obama emerged victorious in the Democratic presidential primary in the northwestern state of Oregon, which has 52 delegates at stake, US television networks said. Earlier, Clinton won a decisive victory in the southeastern state of Kentucky, which has 51 delegates at stake.
With all the votes counted in Kentucky and most of the votes counted in Oregon, Obama has won 1,649 pledged delegates, surpassing the 1,627 needed to claim a majority. Overall, he has 1,956 delegates, including super-delegates, out of 2,026 needed to secure the Democratic nomination to take on presumptive Republican candidate John Mccain. Clinton has won 1,497 pledged delegates.

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