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Bad time for NTR betrayers

Bad time for NTR betrayersRamoji, Chandrababu Naidu and Andhra jyothi M.D Radha Krishna played key role in bloodless coup that saw NTR out of CM seat.

Now the wheel is turning against NTR baiters; first sign came when Purandhareswari who parted ways with NTR family to join Congress made it to the central ministry despite Naidu’s all out attempts to defeat the couple during the last general elections.

Since formation of YSR government all attempts by Ramoji-Chandra babu- Radha Krishna trio boomeranged on them many times eroding their public image.

Now Ramoji is finding it very difficult to come out of Undavalli web and Chandra babu not only last his ‘’decent politician image’’ but also a lot of Telugu desam cadre too deserted him. MRPS had Radha Krishna sleepless.
Can we say the ghost of NRT hunting its enemies?

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