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Baba Ramdev to start ‘Honest’ political party

Baba Ramdev to start 'Honest' political party

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has announced that he will start a political party to give a political structure to the country to end corruption. He said honesty is the only criteria for anyone to join his party. He welcomed honest people from other parties to join him in his fight for a corruption-free India. However, he maintains that his party will be built from the grass-roots level.

For the past five months, Baba Ramdev has been conducting Bharat Swabhiman Yatra, a nationwide mass contact programme, where he is exhorting people to build a political structure that is free of corruption. He said he had been imparting political education along with social and spiritual messages to make people aware about the ills that plague the political system in the country.

The Yoga guru said that his party will contest the 2014 general elections. He said Mahasangram will start in June.

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