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Average assets of Bangalore MLAs Rs 14 Cr

Average assets of Bangalore MLAs Rs 14 Cr The Karnataka election results have some very surprising outcomes. Particularly so in Bangalore. The average age of the winners in Bangalore is about 47. Of the 28 winners from Bangalore, five are in their 30s and eight in their 40s.

While BJP’s Raghu and Congress’ Gundurao have already established themselves as leaders of some stature, the entry of the two Reddys of BJP is indicative of the young blood. That Nandish Reddy humbled Congress stalwart A Krishnappa makes the first-timer’s victory that much more significant.

Forty-year-old Ashwath Narayana (BJP) toppled Congress’ M R Seetharam in Malleshwaram, while BJP’s Ravi Subramanya L A (49) pulled off an upset victory, downing K Chandrashekhar in Basavanagudi.

Bangalore has 23 graduate winners. Of these, there are three MAs and a LLB. Two doctors, two BEs and an MBA. Around 25 winners have declared assets running into crores of rupees.

Congress’ M Krishnappa (Rs 94 crore), BJP’s D Hemachandra Sagar (Rs 70 crore) and Nandish Reddy (Rs 36 crore) top the list. The average assets of the Bangalore’s election winners is about Rs 14 crore.

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