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Arvind Kejriwal’s Vision: Swaraj ka Sankalp

Arvind Kejriwal’s Vision: Swaraj ka Sankalp

Arvind Kejriwal has formally launched into the arena of active politics. He has released a vision document for his political party Swaraj ka Sankalp. The name of the political party will be announced on November 26.

The vision document says it’s not a political party but a political revolution. Here are some of the important segments of the document:

Top priority — Jan Lokpal Bill and the Right to Reject and Recall provision
All public functionaries should be made accountable to people.
Private monopoly on natural resources would not be allowed
Citizens must be consulted on any decision that affects their livelihood.
Broad ranging and fundamental administrative, police and judicial reforms
The MPs and MLAs of Kejriwal’s party will not use red light cars meant for VIPs and will also not take bungalows and security.
If voted to power, any person can make a complaint against any corrupt leader to the Lokpal.
If his party wins, the Lokpal Bill will be brought within ten days of the elections.
To maintain transparency, all the expenditure will be put on the party’s website immediately.
The party supports reservations of suppressed communities like the Dalits, Scheduled Tribes and other backward class.
The benefits of reservation should not go only to those who have already benefited.
The Muslim community will be brought out of the circle of suspicion, deprivation and backwardness through education, employment and equal opportunities.

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