Armed Forces against Naxals?

Armed Forces against Naxals?

Hit by the rapid increase in Maoist violence against civilians, the government is considering to call in the Army and set up a Unified Command to launch concerted anti-Naxal operations. The Army is likely to use it’s Special Forces commandos for “precision strikes” to eliminate Maoists in case of credible intelligence. The Army may not be used for day-to-day operations. The Unified Command will comprise military, paramilitary and police personnel deployed in the anti-Naxal operations.

In case the go-ahead is given for a Unified Command it could be located near Nagpur. The command could be headed by a top Army officer of the rank of lieutenant general. The option was discussed at a meeting between the defence minister, Mr A.K. Antony, and the three service chiefs on Tuesday.

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  1. Dinesh says:

    Army has to 1st start with Tainted & Corrupted Officials & Politicians in Naxals infected states. Traitors are more ” DANGEROUS ” than Terrorists. Any one involved in Shielding Naxals or supplying Ammo must be arrested right away with no bail. In fact, all 7 Naxals infected state’s Ministry must be suspended with no election and hand over to Army for 2 years to clean the Mess.