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Anna-lila from Ramlila Maidan

Anna-lila from Ramlila Maidan

Anna Hazare, who started his hunger strike at Ramlila Maidan, had set a three-week deadline for Parliament to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill, pending which he would not break his protest fast..

This was not only contrary to his group’s commitment to vacate the protest site by August 31, but was also seen to be brushing aside parliamentary processes as no such deadline is set for standing committees to study draft legislations in detail.

While Team Anna has insisted on the Lokpal Bill being passed in the monsoon session ending September 8, it had refrained from setting a deadline for the passage of their version of the bill, maintaining that they respected Parliament and would abide by its decision. Anna also gave a call for a jail-bharo campaign if the deadline was not met.

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