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Anna Hazare refuses leave Tihar jail

Anna Hazare refuses leave Tihar jail

The UPA government proposed to release Anna Hazare after arresting him in a pre-dawn swoop, but the anti-graft activist refused to be released saying he would leave Tihar Jail only if the government unconditionally allowed his protest for a stronger Lokpal Bill. He is already fasting in the jail.

Anna’s determined stand has put the Union government in a fix. It can allow Hazare to stay in Tihar jail which will only increase the popular resentment against his arrest. If permission is given to Hazare to undertake fast at J P Park, the government cannot justify Anna’s arrest.

The confusion over tackling the Hazare campaign against corruption seemed to have an adverse effect on the government which is facing corruption scandals. Meanwhile Team Anna seems to be thinking of seeking the intervention of courts to carry on the fast.

However, support for Anna’s fast is gathering momentum throughout the country with political parties and social groups joining the fray.

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