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Anna Hazare complete victory over Indian Government

Anna Hazare complete victory over Indian Government

Indian parliament unanimously agreed for three terms that need to be put in Lokpal bill as instructed by Anna Hazare and his team after day long debate. Few historic speeches have been given by parliamentarians of all ages.

As nation witnessed 12-day long indefinite hunger fast by Anna Hazare to pass Jan Lokpal bill in parliament to fight against corruption, Anna announced he will end his fast on Sunday(28/08/2011) at 10 AM. Anna Hazare also quoted, ‘It is a half win against corruption, lot need to be done ahead’.

Minister of Parliament Mr. Vilasrao deshmukh has handed over a letter to Anna Hazare on behalf of Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, contains details of bill unanimously moved by Indian Parliament, but still there are concerns on how long it will take for this bill to come into reality.

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