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Anna Hazare’s protest footage in Rajdhani Express

Anna Hazare’s protest footage in Rajdhani Express

It is an open secret that many Bollywood celebrities are staunch supporters of Anna Hazare and his campaign on corruption. But director Ashok Kohli has gone a step further. His forthcoming film Rajdhani Express, that marks the debut of tennis star Leander Paes, will end with real footage of the Anna Hazare protests from across the country.

Kohli says that his film is on the theme of common man’s fight against the government and its rolling credits with footage of the protests and a message about how people and the media can come together to create a revolution.

The director says that the film’s story is that no one cares about what is happening around them. Rajdhani Express opens with a shot of a woman disrobing, which in the narrative has been done to sensationalise a certain story by a journalist. And the movie ends with a TV expose, and the director’s take on the government’s practices, with a message from Dilip Kumar.

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