Andhra jyothy legal notice to YSR

Andhra jyothy legal notice to YSRUndavalli Arun Kumar’ statement in Delhi that he would thoroughly verify the finical statement of the Andhra jyohti to ascertain whether chandrababu has any stake in that is showing its reverberation in Hyderabad.

On Saturday the daily management t issued a legal notice to chief minister demanding 50 crores as damages for making baseless allegations.

What is surprising many is though YSR has been making this allegation for the last three years or so why Radha Krishna kept quite and now all of sudden sending notice.

Grapevine has it that it is a pre-empt move of the daily management to avoid record verification by ARUN KUMAR.

Undavalli who has been hounding Ramoji like a ghost now, it seems, setting his eyes on Radha Krishna.

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