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Andhra Jyothy Editor K. Srinivas Arrested


Andhra Jyothy Editor K. Srinivas was arrested by the AP police from his office today night at 10.00 pm. The arrests were made on the basis of cases filed by Manda Krishna Madiga and R. Krishnaya against more than 100 journalists.

The followers of Manda Krishna Madiga attacked Andhra jyohti offices on May 26th, 2008, protesting against an article published in the daily. In response to that attack, Andhra Jyothi journalists burnt effigy of Mandha Krishna. Then MRPS filed SC/ST atrocities cases on the journalists following this incident.

Mandha Krishna Madiga publicly claimed responsibility for the attack on Andhra Jyothi and warned the newspaper not to publish stories against the interests of the scheduled castes. But till date no action has taken against him by the police or the government.

Interestingly Andhra Jyothi editor K. Sreenivas and two other journalists Sreenivas and Vamshi were arrested today. It is reported that the Police are planning to arrest Andhra Jyothi MD Vemuri Radha Krishina.

The police had a heated argument with the newspaper’s managing director V Radhakrishna and other staffers over the arrest. The entire staff came out to voice their protest, squatted on the staircase and tried to prevent the police from taking away their colleagues.

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