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Ambulances to attend highway accidents

Ambulances to attend highway accidents According to the latest proposal of National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), ambulances will be stationed at a distance of every 50 km on national highways (NH) in Andhra Pradesh to rush to handle emergencies.

A patrolling party will also be deployed for every 50 km stretch and alert the ambulance if any accidents take place. A telephone facility would also be arranged to call the ambulance. A pick-up van will be kept ready if any vehicle breaks down on the national highways to avoid inconvenience to the traffic.

A centralised office will be opened at a village every 50 km to receive calls from the public through telephone. The office staff will send the ambulance immediately to the accident spot to shift victims to the nearest hospital.

The NHAI has fixed the responsibility of setting up all these facilities to the bidders who will get the contracts for laying newly proposed roads in national highways in the state. All these facilities will be come up in the next six months.

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