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Ahmadullah Faces Samaikhyandhra Activists’ ire

Ahmadullah Faces Samaikhyandhra Activists' ire

Kadapa, Aug 5 (INN): Minorities Welfare Minister Syed Mohammed Ahmadullah faced the ire of angry protestors when he visited a hunger strike camp of Samaikhyandhra activists at District Collectorate.

The activists gheraod the minister and demanded that he resign from his post. The situation turned tense when some miscreants threw slippers at the minister which provoked his supporters. However, the timely intervention of the police and minister’s soft approach minimised the tension.

Talking to reporters later, Ahmadullah made it clear that he resigned from his post on the same day when pro-Telangana announcement was made by the Centre. Further, he said he visited the hunger strike camp as a Samikayndhra supporter and not as a minister.

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