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Agni III missile test successful

Agni III is now ready for induction after India successfully test-fired its 3,000-km range surface-to-surface nuclear capable on Wednesday. The all-solid fuel missile took off from Wheelers Island off Orissa coast at 9.56 am and achieved its full range and accuracy by reaching its pre-designated target in 800 seconds.
The success of Agni III missile paves the way for India to build its intercontinental range missiles Agni IV with a range of 5,000 km in the near future. A miniaturised submarine-launched version of the Agni III called Agni 3 SL is also being developed and could be test-fired shortly.
Unlike Agni-1 and Agni-2, the Agni-3 missile has been designed and optimised to carry lighter 200 KT thermo nuclear payload weapons.

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