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A war Robot for US Army

A war Robot for US Army iRobot Corporation along with research and development company Metal Storm invented a war robot for the US military. Experts behind the Terminator-like war robot have yet to name it.

As of now, the robot is being marketed for border patrol and crowd control scenarios.
Its makers say that they are trying to enable the machine to work in several other military situations too.

Now, US soldiers have the option of controlling a robot that could go ahead and investigate, engage or deter an enemy and not put human soldiers at risk. The new robot might soon join the team of military robots that was deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The iRobot-Metal Storm robot could be equipped with a variety of weapons, from non-lethal rubber bullets to grenade launchers. As many as 12 different Metal Storm weapons, which are different from other guns in respect of the firing mechanism, could be put onto the iRobot platform at the same time. These robo-guns can fire up to a million rounds a minute.

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